Lifeboat began as an unlikely adventure for two Brooklyn 30-somethings—spirited, outgoing professionals—who woke up one day to find themselves mired in a mid-life friendship slump. Together, they set out on a journey: to discover what friendship in adulthood really means—transforming themselves from social-but-unsatisfied, fast-food-friendship junkies into self-assured friendship pioneers.

Along the way, Tim and Alia’s personal quest grew into something more. In February 2013, backed by a volunteer network of colleagues and comrades, they brought Lifeboat online to share their story and learnings about the art and science of friendship, and to help transform an idea into a movement.

Finally, in May 2015, they published Lifeboat: The Book as a culmination of their work—a field guide to friendship like no other in the world. Anchored around 12 simple steps, it provides a guilt-free, profoundly practical path to living more fully friends.