WHy Lifeboat? 

"A year ago I was feeling alone -- and not really sure why. I didn't realize I had retreated from my friends until Lifeboat came along to remind me. I started small with some of the practices and I felt a change. I realized quickly that sustaining adult friendships can and should be taught. "

We heard this kind of sentiment over and over after launching Lifeboat. 

Did you know . . . The average American adult reports having only one real friend.

Paradoxically, in an age of Facebook and always-on connections, a growing body of science is proving what we already feel deep in our gut: we’re actually lonelier and more isolated than ever before. 

The solution isn’t to retreat from the web. Indeed, it’s time to rethink what friendship means in adulthood for a better path forward. 

In Lifeboat: The Book -- more the 3 years in the making -- you'll find a unique guide into uncharted relationship territory: academic research, philosophy, expert advice and insights from the authors' own heads and hearts.

You won't find grand solutions or complex schemes, but instead, simple things that work. It's unique content on the art and science of friendship — full of inspiration, learning and practice. It’s designed to help you move beyond fast-food-friendships. For those who choose it, Lifeboat is a pathway to living more fully with friends.